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At EZ-PREP, we simplify logistics solutions that gives a boost to your business and allows it to flourish without any shipping hurdles. We understand that custom clearance requires unending documentation and formalities. We not only help you with easy and hassle-free custom clearance but also meet your shipping requirements. As a leading order fulfillment services providers in California, we make use of technology to communicate with your website, any form of sales system or your shopping cart system. Customer’s communication who place an order with you id transmitted to your staff in the warehouse holding your inventory. Our clients have full faith in our management of the ever critical supply chain services.

3pl & Warehouse fulfill services are ideal that are sure to help you in fulfilling your requirement for warehousing, shipping and similar other services of boxes in a safe and secure way. 

You can monitor tangible results through our detailed and real-time reporting. Our fulfillment services have been designed in such a way that helps you enjoy an amazing customer’s experience. As part of our extensive services, we offer-

  • Full service contact center

  • Multi-channel integrated fulfillment services

  • Safe and secure credit card processing

  • Kitting

  • Safe, secure warehousing

  • 24x7, real-time reporting

As Warehouse Fulfillment Services provider, we store your inventory safely and ship boxes. We take your orders and provide you with enhanced customer experience.

As part of our 3PL Fulfillment Services, or 3 Party Logistics Fulfillment services, we ensure logistics to be spot on and the there is an efficient and smooth flow of system from call center moving onwards to the warehouse and finally to the customer. We understand your major concern about the whole system and ensure that it is totally safe and secure. Our Business Philosophy and Adherence to Ethics is what makes us stand apart from others. You can completely trust us and our professional services. We offer you

  • Uniquely tailored and customized comprehensive range of services;

  • Legally Compliant and Certified Entity

  • We monitor every inventory aisle using video monitoring and other secure facilities;

  • Our security personnel are highly trained and proficient in their job;

  • Our shipping and warehousing teams handle your inventory with extra care;

  • We have negotiated lower delivery charges with delivery carriers;

Our fulfillment warehouse vouches for high touch business philosophy. Our professionals are highly trained and personable people expert in their jobs. We also offer you some value-added services like amazing customer services and higher average sales. We eliminate potential losses by ensuring vigilant security and safety measures. Returns are reduced to a minimum because of our order accuracy. We offer you with extensive product packaging options that brings your brand name reflected beautifully. We also make sure faster deliveries. You can take well-informed business decisions relying on our detailed order tracking and reporting mechanism.

Reach out to us to get the best fulfillment services!

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