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EZ Prep-An Expeditious and Reliable Amazon Freight Forwarder

Amazon FBA is a widely utilized by businesses all over the world, in which Amazon stores their products in its distribution centers and ships it out to customers. It is important to know that Amazon handles only the back-end logistics of housing and shipping services for your products, while it is your responsibility to get it into their fulfilment centers. It is always wise to choose an Amazon freight forwarder to coordinate multiple shipments and save your time and money. They also help you in choosing the most cost effective way of shipping your goods.

Amazon freight forwarder

Amazon is one of the world’s largest retailers and they have strict rules and regulations regarding the products they store as well a show they are packaged and labeled. Any mistake may cost you exorbitant fee as well as the rejection of your shipment at the Amazon fulfillment center and sent back to you at your expense.

Being a reputed and renowned Amazon freight forwarder having more than 35 years of experience in industry, American Customs Logistics Inc. is engaged in making the whole process easy, fast, and economical and hassle free for its customers.

EZ Prep is a full service Amazon prep and ship company, so you can delegate the whole shipment responsibilities and focus on your core business activities. It carries all the tasks on your behalf including storing your products, prep them exactly as per Amazon prep strict guidelines, repackaging them safely and shipping all inventory to their respective Amazon fulfillment centers all over the US. It also provides custom brokerage California services to all types of merchandise. Besides, the company make sure to provide complete documentation support for receiving, storing and delivering your goods to the Amazon Fulfillment center of your choice.

With its extensive network of partners, highly experienced, trained and skilled staff and years of experience in the industry, EZ prep make sure to let no stone unturned in working with customers to make sure their supply chain flow efficiently.

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