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Reasons to Use Warehouse Fulfillment Services

Are you looking for shipment from your desired location? Warehouse fulfillment services allow you to even drop off products from your local retail purchases. EZ prep is a leading company offering top-notch Warehouse fulfillment service. Being a renowned Customs Brokerage California service provider, we receive, systematically inspect, unpack and tenderly examine your goods for precision and any damages. We make entire warehouse fulfillment services easy for our clients.

Warehouse Fulfillment Services

At EZ prep, we will prepare and label all your products safely and securely, precisely adhering to all of Amazon’s guidelines. Amazon Freight Forwarder ensures a sample of prepped SKU to include in your photo diary. For your easy calculations, we go with simple pricing structure. So whether your products need barcode labels, bubble-wrap, expiration date labels, polybags or any stickers to be removed – all done at same price. Whether sending your products in the most efficient and secure manner, we ensure safe arrival to their destination. Whether you need to send a couple of boxes or many pallets, we ensure your shipment gets to their designated Amazon fulfillment center, quickly and safely. You are provided complete information about your shipment and ensured to make the entire process easy and hassle-free.

Whether you are trading in online arbitrage, retail arbitrage, private label, or wholesale, our FBA prep service USA will meet all your Amazon FBA business needs. Being an experienced and renowned Amazon Freight Forwarder, we have a trained team to help you to focus on your core activities of building your business.

If you are looking for customs brokerage California, we can be your right choice to meet your all customs clearance needs and shipping requirements.


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