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Order Fulfillment and Freight Forwarding Services

Market places have gradually shifted from the physical market spaces to the virtual market places. While moving to the virtual market places, the organizations have increased their market reaches in terms of managing customer bases across a widespread area. This certainly requires efficient and effective order fulfillment services within California. Such Order Fulfillment Services in California requires Fulfillment warehouse support services along with being an Amazon Freight Forwarder in order to utilize the widespread reach and channel of Amazon’s Fulfillment Services.

EZ-Prep is a complete prep service provider in California. The company provides the best order fulfillment services in California and across the globe. The company has the best fulfillment warehouse where the company offers complete services such as receiving the shipments from the client organization which can include a regional retailer operating on the online platform, from the warehouse of a wholesaler, or a manufacturer operating across the national boundaries. Ex-Prep then inspects each such order shipment to its warehouses. Thereafter EZ-Prep labels and preps the products according to available orders. Once such activities are done with complete efficiency, EZ-Prep then packs and ships these products to the requisite Amazon fulfillment centers.

EZ-Prep is a complete Amazon prep service provider too. This is because the company manages the inventory of the products on behalf of their client organizations; stores their products in the warehouses of EZ-Prep; prep them following the stringent guidelines of Amazon; and finally package and ship the product inventories safely to the various fulfillment centers of Amazon across USA. Ideally, EZ-Prep acts as an Amazon Freight Forwarder and thus has gained the advantageous position of being the most trusted FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) in USA. As the best Amazon Freight Forwarder, EZ-Prep has trained its FBA agents to resolve all issues and complaints related to FBA shipments. This, thus, helps the client organizations save exorbitant prices and charges charged by Amazon on damaged or non FBA guidelines compliant shipments from various manufacturers. EZ-Prep prepares your shipments prior to reaching the Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers.


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